Thursday, 2 October 2014

#05 (Guide) to Jeju Island 제주도 | Moving into Seogwipo

Accommodation - South Jeju

We stayed with The Island Blue Hotel on our second night. Since our intention was to hotel hop on all our nights in Jeju, I wasn't too particular on the hotel selections. After all we would only be spending our sleep time there and moving out early the next morning. But you know, with minimal expectations comes with a bigger surprise! The room double exceeded my expectations - spacious, mad comfy sofa that I refuse to get up from and also a kitchenette! Not like I didn't know how it was going to look like, but everything definitely looks better than the pictures shown online. 

★★★★☆ stars hotel with  ★★★★ stars comfort, I promise. 

The Island Blue Hotel 디아일랜드블루 호텔
디아일랜드블루 l 서귀포시 서귀동 544-2 l Tel.1877-6500 
544-2, Seogwi-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, Korea

#02 What to eat in Jeju Island: Black Pork BBQ (again)

Guess who insisted to have Black pork for dinner again? Not me. We asked the hotel staffs for recommendations in the vicinity and ended up some 10 minutes away from the hotel. It is very hard to make a comparison when it comes to Korean BBQ because generally they taste the same. It is only safe to say that the taste between black pork vs normal pork is very different. Black pork is definitely more succulent but also fattier.

Jeju Island have a very weird practice of leaving black pig's hair stubs on the meat to prove that they are serving you the authentic black pork instead of normal pork. Instead of feeling grossed out like anyone else would, I was eagerly inspecting the meat to find the black hair stubs myself. Bryan just didn't understand my over excitement on those insignificant hair stubs but I just had to see it! Most people would prolly get disgusted over those little hairs sticking out of their food, but it didn't bothered us one bit. Why reject yummy food? P.S// It isn't that the entire slab of meat is full of hair. It is just afew pieces so leave those out if you are not comfortable.

love, bella