Tuesday, 7 October 2014

#06 (Guide) to Jeju Island 제주도 | All in a day

If you hire a driver in Jeju, they would be able to take you through 10 attractions in a day. It may sound exaggerating but my friend did encourage me to hire a driver for this reason. Then again, It wasn't that every attraction got my interest, so we did a selective sightseeing on our own and managed to do 7 in a day! 

Cheonjiyeon Falls (천지연 폭포)
It is funny how I never found waterfalls fascinating but since Jeju Island is known for their many waterfalls around, I went ahead with exploring nature's running water. Nothing majestic, I feel.

666-1, Seohong-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea |+82 64-733-1528

Jeongbang Falls (정방폭포)
Waterfalls are honestly the same everywhere but Jeongbang falls is exceptional. It is the only water fall in Asia that falls directly into the ocean, so I thought this was worth a visit instead. Pity I wasn't in proper shoes, so I didn't take the risk of getting nearer to the fall. P.S// Wear proper shoes as the rocks are very slippery. If you're wearing slippers like me, be really careful not to slip.

There's another waterfall, Cheonjeyeon falls in the Jungmun area but I skipped it because 3 waterfalls would be too much in a day.

37, Chilsimni-ro214beon-gil, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do | +82-64-760-6341

Jusangjeolli Cliff (주상절리)
It is said that decades ago, Hallasan mountain erupted into the sea and the lava formed these petruding columns. Truly a sight to behold, if you know of the history behind every nature's beauty. If you don't, it would just be yet another scenery.

2663, Jungmun-dong, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do | 64-738-1532

O'sulloc Museum (오설록티뮤지엄)
Definitely one of the most anticipated places I'd been dying to visit! Since I'm such a fan of anything green tea, where else could I be happier than to be in a green tea farm? I was previously in Seoul for a little more than 2 weeks before this Jeju trip, but I refused to visit their O'sulloc in Myeongdong because I just had to see the real thing first! The cafe was packed to the brim and their green tea cakes were already out of stock by the time we arrived. But we had a gelato anyway, to make up a little for the disappointment. This place is a must go, with an extensive range of green tea products to shop!

425, Sinhwayeoksa-ro, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do 

Innisfree Jeju House
Think - everything organic. Innisfree Jeju house is the flagship store where you get a total different experience from what you'd find in other Innisfree stores. Also conveniently located beside O'sulloc, it saved us on the travelling time. How do I even put my excitement into words? There is a section where you can make organic soap made of natural ingredients only from Jejudo! When I told Bryan that we were going to make soaps, he batted his eyelid and snubbed at my excitement. Never expect overwhelming expressions from men, they will disappoint you. But being nice enough, he had to accompany me to do what I'd been longing to do. Y'know what happened after that? Bryan was hooked on the soap making process, I thought he had more fun than I did.

All you need to do is:
1) Buy an eco bag containing the materials for the soap-making. (Flavours: Green tea | Tangerine | Volcanic pore ₩15,000/bag )
2) Grab a seat, read the instructions from the Ipad and thats it! 

Hyeopjae Beach (협재해변)
It was quite difficult to find restaurants nearby the Jungmun area so we had to end up at Hyeopjae beach before finding a decent restaurant. Such a precious find because we were starving for a long time with nothing to eat in the Innisfree/O'sulloc vicinity. 

After lunch, we spent the rest of our afternoon at a cafe. Which was also our last stop of the day before we checked in our hostel stay. That cafe honestly deserves a featured post on its own. More on that soon, Till then!

love, bella