Friday, 22 May 2015

Eating in JB || Chez Papa Restaurant

Some really really really long time back, Bryan drove us into JB to run some errands and also most importantly, to eat. It was an occasion for us to celebrate which I can't remember what but anyway we decided to have a good dinner at Chez Papa Restaurant.

Apologies for the low quality visuals. Its no excuse but the restaurant was really dimly lit with yellow lights (which made it worse) so the snaps were pretty badly done. Also, I was too hungry to focus on taking decent pictures so here goes. 

In other news, I haven't had such a decent French cuisine meal in the longest time. They are truly authentic, serving only French because I asked for vinegar & olive oil for my bread and was told that they do not serve it the Italian way. I must have been too pampered with the options I get back in Singapore's restaurants. 

Everything on the table were a hit except for the dessert that I adventurously ordered. I decided to do away with my usual boring dessert choices ie. tiramisu/cakes and went for a French dessert, Crêpe Suzette. It wasn't terrible but it just wasn't my ideal dessert to end of the dinner with such an odd taste. Floury crepe that tasted like dough accompanied with a sauce made with orange zest, lemon juice and sugar - I can't adapt. This is a bias opinion because I hate anything orange infused. Oh well, it is my tiramisu over anything else, anytime.

love, bella