Tuesday, 5 May 2015

#TeamBella || Meet My Bridesmaids

...AND I've another not in the picture to form my perfect entourage of four.

I finally held my first ever bridesmaid gathering some weeks back at the comfort & luxury of Equarius Hotel (courtesy of Cassandra). Thankful for the beautiful Sunday spent with my girlies from all over and we spent an entire afternoon with the achievement of being then strangers now friends. I honestly cannot ask for more because after all, I wasn't even expecting anything at all.

On the topic of bridesmaids, it has been a taboo for the past few months. I shun away from the frequently asked question on who would be on my entourage team. I'm not embarrassed to say that I've very little to none girlfriends close to the heart. I am generally closer to boys since a young age and I haven't been to tertiary to make more friends so I only had a handful of girlfriends made over the years from all over.

So some long time back, I had my entourage confirmed but every thing came crashing when the dates got nearer. A girlfriend got pregnant, a girlfriend wants to get pregnant and another was asked to help at someone else's wedding. At one point,  I literally gave up. I scrapped the gatecrash off the itinerary because I didn't want too much fuss out of the most minute issue on just forming a bridesmaid team. I was honestly at the peak of my vulnerable state when it was ridiculously not my groom ran away but my bridesmaids ran away

No la, I kid. It was just unforeseen circumstances that got me really depressed.

I was feeling helpless that schedules got clashed and that I also have a god daughter in the baking at a wrong time. As much as I want the girls to be there on my big day, I know it is almost impossible to even wish for. I snapped out of it soon after I realized that my emotions were killing me inside. I rarely get swallowed up by negativity and I thought weeks were enough for this issue. "Change is the only constant" so I had to adapt to the situation change. When you snap out of self pity, you find yourself in a much better state.

Back to where I left off, we spent the afternoon talking about anything and everything *ahem, non wedding related*. We managed to get down to the skeleton of the gatecrash ideas and that is probably the most productive thing we discussed the whole time.

It was also Mayling's birthday the next day so I bought cupcakes for a mini celebration & tea break! I'm thankful how all of them got along so well and also that they made time for me amongst their busy schedules. 
Happy 22nd, dearest sister!

In other news, I'm hoping to be back with a consistent update on whats happening recently, #bryanbellawedding or some Summer Seoul travelogue posts maybe? It is really tough to be managing my time now with so much going on at the same time. Till then! xx
love, bella