Wednesday, 6 May 2015

ClearSK® || Aqua Acne Clear Renewal Facial

(Sponsored Review)

I have always been blessed with fairly good skin since puberty. Other than the common skin conditions like an uneven skin tone and a combination dry/oily skin, I hardly get pimples or a massive breakout. The only issue I'd been dealing with is the occasional acne pop ups during my period...and the scars that are left after the acne battle.

My frustrations were heard and I was invited for the Aqua Acne Clear Renewal Facial  by ClearSK® Medi-Aesthetics Clinic.

Stepping into a sleek white interior with blue hues, the ambiance was very calming and comfortable. I was welcomed with a cup of tea with a hot towel before the start of my treatment. Never mind about the tea but hot towels are such a meticulous touch. On their efficiency, I didn't even manage to sip on my tea before I got swiftly ushered into the treatment room. 

In most beauty salons, the treatment beds are usually coffin sized with the tendency of falling off if I ever flinch. I was as hell impressed with the comfort of the thick blanket, legit pillow and a relatively large bed for the treatment.

On to the facial, the Aqua Acne Clear Renewal Facial helps to get rid of dead skins, maintenance of acne prone or combination skin, correction of acne marks/scars, reducing fine lines and balancing uneven skin tone.  This is followed by Aqua Exfoliation using acids, and will depend on each individual skin types. The acid treatment will help to deep clean and remove the oil clogs. The final touch in this facial treatment is what we called hydration infusion, which prevent over stimulation and drying of skin.

This is the run through of procedures on the treatment:
Step 1 - Double Cleanse.  Step 2 - Diamond Microdermabrasion Step 3 - Aqua Exfoliation Step 4 - Mud Mask

Using a diamond tip with applied suction for the exfoliation, there would be minimal discomfort during this process however it is very bearable. During the Aqua Exfoliation, three different types of acids (lactic acid/salicylic acid/hyaluronic acid) would be penetrated into your skin using the diamond tip suction method. The lactic acid can get very stinging on your face, you've be warned! The last mud mask step needs no introduction. Masks are the best comfort essence in a skincare routine and I absolutely love mask time.

I do have an existing facial package with a renowned brand which I won't be mentioning here. But just three sessions of treatment with ClearSK®, I found myself unintentionally comparing to what I signed up for at the other beauty salon which fell short in many aspects. 

I like how ClearSK® take appointments seriously and we would not be made to wait past the scheduled time. Also, their staffs were really detailed into explaining the procedures of the entire treatment. On the effectiveness, I cannot provide an accurate judgement because it is only my third appointment with them. But I can definitely assure a visibly brighter skin on the first treatment alone. 

love, bella