Thursday, 7 May 2015

May 1st || Jessica's surprise proposal

Hello to a brand new month! I cannot believe that time is passing so quick and I'm only 3 months away from the wedding! It is only the first week into May and I've already been overwhelmed with back-to-back events and dinners.

On May day, I woke up to the fiancé dismantling the bed frame and wardrobe. Room renovations are officially going on at #thelims! My mother in law has been taking the lead to guide us with the room revamp and I am really thankful for the major overhaul she planned for us. We'd be getting a fresh coat of paint for the entire house, a wardrobe, curtains/blinds and a dressing table to myself! I'd been dreaming of  owning a dressing table for the longest time and it is finally happening. The MIL is taking the renovations so seriously that even the toilet ceiling gets a new coat of paint. I can't wait to move in already! I'd definitely be missing home despite the excitement of moving out. Back in my own home, I share a tiny room with my sister so I basically own only my bed and the rest have to be shared. She is eight freaking years younger than I am so room situation these years had been flooded with books everywhere. Moving out would mean that I have two homes to house my possessions so it is definitely good news for me and my messy sister! 

So anyway, we picked up a bouquet and checked-into Rendezvous hotel on David's behalf before I leave for my maternal grandma's birthday dinner. The clique also took on a long dinner to stall time while waiting for me to be done before I could rush over for "the moment".

He went down on one knee, made his speech and ...


We popped champagne to celebrate while the boys whine over their loss of another brother to singlehood. 
Congratulations again, David & Jessica!

That was exactly how one day went by for me. To sum it up, tiring yet eventful. I enjoy being busy most of the time but with the wedding preparations in the way, each busy day like this that pass will be another day lost with zero productivity on the wedding errands. Sometimes it frustrates me when I have no idea where to start but I guess everything would have its way in time to come. 

love, bella