Tuesday, 12 May 2015

♥ 奶奶八十大寿 ♥

It took a month of coordinating, lying and containing of excitement for May 3rd. I'm really terrible at keeping secrets when it comes to surprises or parties but thankfully I managed to hold on to the secret surprise until her birthday. Friends would know that I'm extremely close to my grandmother and I talk to her on a daily basis so imagine how hard it was to look at her and start hyperventilating when I think of the party we were planning for her.  

It Finally Happened... without me spilling the beans. 

The classy 3kg longevity cake that was customized by Pine Garden's. Albeit the tough luck ordering at their physical shop while squeezing with other eager cake buying customers, it was pretty worth it for the wide smile on her face. My advice is to avoid ordering at the shop on weekends, you've been warned. 

Luncheon was served at Yan Palace restaurant where we hosted 4 tables of relatives. Location was pretty apt for an elderly's birthday celebration considering we had the typical sit down 10 course chinese lunch and a karaoke system in our private room. Food was really good too! Would definitely recommend if you're looking at private rooms for an important occasion. 

I was so glad she enjoyed herself despite being taken aback by the amount of people that were present to celebrate for her. Thank you for taking pains to raise me up and to always have my back unconditionally. Thank you for being my grandmother and if it wasn't for you, I would definitely not be who I am today. 


love, bella