Tuesday, 21 July 2015

On Hiatus: Mind Travelling

I don't think in any way would I be able to sit down and write about something without having drifting thoughts about the wedding surfacing. My temper has been increasingly deadly these days and I honestly cannot help it. Just two days back, I got so frustrated and sent my things flying around the house. I threw my handbag on the floor and my shoes were kicked all over. :<  Logistics of a wedding is honestly no joke. I've seen friends being very chill about the whole wedding planning process and I wish I could have done the same but every family is different so I'm not getting as easy a task everybody else is getting. It is as tiring as hell and I'm just scrapping through the counting down days till my big day. 

I have so many things on my mind now, not just the wedding but also the sister's sweet sixteen birthday. She's such a reliant and I have to do her birthday logistics as well. I have not firmed up my decisions on the dessert table, floral arrangements, colour theme and for her birthday, the cake & food catering. That is all I can think of now, oh and my childhood montage just 50% done. Oh and songs... I can't make up my mind to which song I'd want to walk down the aisle in. 

On a better note, we've managed to keep it to only 280 guests (thankfully!) to which I only have 16 friends out of the 280. To make me sound less sad, I have 25 colleagues invited as well so I have a total of only 41 invited guests on my list and the rest are my parents's guests & um, mandatory relatives. I really used to think that my wedding would have been an intimate affair with approx. 100 guests or so? But woah, the number of mandatory guests is exaggerating. 

As the big day is approaching, day in and out I get people asking me if I'm excited. I swear I got it at least 3 times just yesterday. I no longer get greeted with good mornings or whatever, instead the first greeting I'd get is the immediate shot down question "are you excited?! Its just days left!" Look guys, I am NOT EXCITED yet. Not until I get everything done, not until I can sit around and do nothing, think nothing. I'd prolly only be excited on the eve of my wedding day. 

And just yesterday, someone again asked if it is a shotgun wedding. (insert annoyed emoticon) Poor Bryan took the bullet because all the people that asked were his friends and so I was like, "what kind of friends do you even have?" Really no surprise that people would have asked because of our age but all these little things that people do are causing a meltdown to happen. The entire evening I was just blabbering on how my friends are not as highly educated as his friends but would have the IQ & EQ not to say something so insensitive. I can be such a crude sometimes. #scorpiotraits

17 days to #bryanbellawedding,  the final lap of stress & jitters before all the anxiety go away! On a side note, 5 days to our (过大礼) Guo Da Li ceremony and for that, I'm extremely excited because I picked everything out myself! It is going to be a traditional betrothal ceremony but with customized dowry that I packed for myself! I did away with the overwhelming amount of red auspicious items and changed certain items to what I'd forsee myself using in future. Oh, even the gold dowry by my MIL and mother were picked out by me! We bought the gold earlier this year and I honestly can't wait to see my jewellery again. 5 days till we meet again & 17 days till I can put them on. I absolutely love everything I bought and I hope I'd be in time to share more on my Guo Da Li before the wedding! Till then, till the time I'd be back from hiatus.

love, bella