Friday, 21 August 2015

Life, married

Hello! This entry is exceptionally meaningful because I'm officially writing in my space as a wife. Life as of now is pretty much the same as the good ol' dating days. The past week saw the husband waking up with me in the early mornings and driving me to work occasionally just to let me catch an extra 15 minutes snooze. Blissful :>

The first obvious difference after marriage is getting bruised all over and my sister is bent on assuming that I got abused by the husband. But as a matter of fact, I am just getting used to waking up in a new room so I'd been bumping into furnitures alot causing all the bruise and scars. Other than that, I'm really ecstatic to be finally moving in with my cats & husband! Although sharing a bed with the monsters can be quite a challenge with their oddest sleeping position, nothing is as tough when you wake up to them purring in your arms:>

It still feels surreal being somebody's wife, being Mrs Lim instead of being a girlfriend. I am still getting adjusted to embracing the upcoming commitments and my new family. On a sadder note, I really miss home and my grandmother! I'd usually have so much to tell her on a daily basis but most of the time now, we only speak through the phone. Thats prolly the hardest to adapt to. To make things worse,  my sister had been crying religiously everytime I reach my house's doorstep like an instant downpour. Sometimes I find her funny, sometimes I really want to cry too. Although I'm just 5 minutes away, my family is still not digesting the fact well that I'm not living with them anymore.

Barely two weeks into marriage and the husband just flew off today for his exchange. I'd be missing him so much :< 
Till then, till my lonely period end.

love, bella