Thursday, 10 September 2015

#mykoreadiary || 09 September, flight day

Greetings from Seoul! I'm finally here after my first long haul flight alone. Korea is probably the furthest haul I can manage as of now because I really dread sitting in the plane for a long time. Thankfully, I was assigned a pretty good front seat by the aisle with an empty seat beside me. I shared the row with a china girl so both of us had ample space for the 8 hours flight (including transit). We got along really well and I think I'm seeing her for dinner sometime this week!
 → Mayling sent me right to my boarding gate so I had company until it was time for boarding. Parting with my homies was tough but nonetheless, thankful :> I will see you soon enough, my dearest little sister! 

→ Oh! My luggage weight that is totally worth a mention. Lugged 30kg check-in baggage, a cabin luggage and a backpack to the airport. Frankly, I still do not have sufficient space for everything but I'd be having friends bringing over more stuff for me in time to come! 

→ Onboard Scoot and just look at my flight! I was so obsessed most of the time looking down the aisle of rainbow lights. Scoot is definitely the best budget airline ever! :>

 → First meal onboard - Nasi Lemak rice. It was okay lah, can't fuss plane food anyway. Not fantastic but definitely better than most of the plane food I tried. Anyway if all else fails, get the overpriced cup noodles.

 → Second meal onboard - Beef Bimbimbap (Which apparently you can't mix together). I found it weird for making us eat everything separately but well, prolly they expect you to be able to mix in the small tray provided. I paid more for a premium meal on my second haul and it was so worth it! I got a pasta salad which was really yummy and haagen-dazs ice cream too! 

Arrived Incheon Airport at 945pm (KST) and had the husband pick me up to our apartment! I guess this is it, this is really happening. Heres to the start of my new adventure! 

love, bella