Monday, 7 September 2015

☁ Yilan 宜蘭一日游(III)- 宜農牧羊場 & 罗东夜市

宜農牧羊場 (Yi Nong Farm)
門票:30元/一人   營業時間:09:00~18:00

Farms are really a happy place to be in. We just paid a minimal fee for milk & carrots to feed the little animals personally! I was initially really excited to be visiting this farm but it is actually quite run-down when we arrived. But other than the outlook, the animals were really adorable. Once is good enough i guess?

→ Hello three little pigs!

→ Bunnies & guinea pigs corner

→ Feeding the goats!

→ Chickens & ducklings roaming around

LuoDong Night Market 罗东夜市
No.100, Gongyuan Road, Luodong Township, Yilan County, Taiwan 265

Last stop of our day trip was to Luodong night market. We picked a corner stall to have our dinner which apparently was the worse move made. We had duck vermicelli & oyster ommelette which tasted terrible. Not only was it terrible, I got down with a very bad gastric flu after the meal which killed the vibe of the entire trip. This was probably the highlight of my trip where I was bounded in the hostel room for the next 3 days. :< (P.S// The fried century egg at an independent stall is really yummy!)

Yilan is truly inconvenient for tourists actually and moving around is too much of a hassle for a second visit here. Till we never meet again, Yilan. 

love, bella