Monday, 5 October 2015

#mykoreadiary || Fourth week in!

Last Monday & Tuesday was Chuseok holiday so Bryan & I didn't have school! I'd write soon on how we spent our first Chuseok together. On Tuesday, I went on a study date with my classmate in the afternoon so it wasn't much that I did until school re-opened again. Long weekends never lasted, it was gone as soon as it came~

Oh! I woke up on Tuesday to a random thought of wanting Mayling to be here with me so I texted her and we came up with the most impromptu decision to get her tickets booked for Friday's flight. I booked her flight and that was it, I'd be seeing her in 3 days time. :>

Class situation during break-time. We're either on our phones or sleeping, this is the legit school life. 

On Thursday, my classmate brought me to this place for lunch. Apparently, nobody told me that it was so spicy until... the food was served. Guess who got her tastebuds on fire? On a side note, it was actually really delicious. Just that I couldn't take the spiciness. 

Friday was spent in school then to the airport to pick my homie up! This week and the weeks following would be really busy for me. I'd be juggling with school, homework & being Mayling's personal tour guide for a week. I also have so much more to write about now because I'm finally moving out of the shell and exploring Seoul again. I'm out very often nowadays so week summaries would be getting really brief. I'm already late with this post, its Monday today! Cassandra is due for Seoul tomorrow, how exciting! October just keep getting better, the best is yet to be.

love, bella