Monday, 19 October 2015

#mykoreadiary || Chuseok Holiday! (추석)

I haven't been too diligent with this space because recently, my girls came to Korea to see me! I'd been taking the girls around so it had been a really busy week for me. Before I have the time to talk about my days with them, I celebrated my first Chuseok with the husband! 

It was a really long weekend for the locals and students like me! I spent the actual Chuseok day with my foreign friends in Hongdae and it was so much fun! They brought us to their favourite BBQ place for dinner before hanging out in a board game cafe!

 Some really promising meat at an affordable price, Bella approve! 

1. My all-time favourite game with my clique back at home. I'm not too sure what is the name of this toy thou. 
2. Monkeys! Been seeing this game around but never got the chance to play it. Thank god for board game cafes! 

This game is so cute! Basically, you pick a card and the card will decide how many bones you have to pick up on the dog's bowl. You have to sneakily pick the bones up without waking the snoring dog up. It was really scary waking him up!!! 

And so, we got addicted to retarded games like this. Basically just taking turns to take one tooth down. Just don't get bitten by the worm! 

The last game before we left the cafe, which was also the best. The staff filled up water into the whale without letting us know. This whale randomly spits water while the players take turn to fish out of his mouth. The longer you take to fish, the higher chance of getting sprayed all over. We had a really really good laugh until the staff told us to shut up hahaha. 

We ended our night in a HOF! In Korea, HOFs are actually places which serve both drinks and food. HOFs serves a variety of food but the main idea here is still the drinking culture. It was initially a friendly order of 2 sojus with spicy chicken until orders kept going to the waiter and in a flash, we cleared 5 bottles of soju. This is to the start of embracing the drinking culture, yay!


The next day, Bryan and I decided to celebrate Chuseok on our own so we went to Miss Lee Cafe! We ordered Dosirak (도시락) Korea's traditional lunch box and Ddeok (떡). Ddeok (떡) is rice cake served in many renditions. The snack we ordered was Songpyeon (송편) which is traditionally eaten during Chuseok! It is literally their pineapple tarts during lunar new year.

I was craving for ice cream waffle so we strolled around the vicinity for a cafe. I think it was Chuseok so many cafes were still out of operation. It was at least 30 minutes of search to find this quaint cafe tucked in a dark alley! The cafe was decorated with so much effort, I especially love their details in every corner. Thankfully they had ice cream waffle on the menu! I just realized that Korea's waffles are always loaded with fruits which is really a less sinful treat. 

Really thankful for the rare date with the husband!  

여러분, 추석 잘 보내세요!

love, bella