Thursday, 21 January 2016

#cycassinseoul || OUTDOOR KITCHEN

Some few months ago, we were introduced to Korean BBQ, the Camping concept. Koreans are really big on camping trips but for the convenience of a similar camping vibe in the comfort of the city, go to a Camping restaurant. The Camping restaurant concept had been quite a hit in Korea and there are a couple of similar restaurants around Seoul. As for us, we went to Outdoor kitchen. 

Located near Yeonsinnae Station (연신내역), it is relatively near to where we were living in Seoul but definitely far away from the hyped touristy areas. What I like about dining in the neighbourhoods is that prices are really affordable with a lesser crowd. At Outdoor Kitchen, Pork Belly Samgyeopsal (삼겹살) & Pork Neck Mok sal (목살) is priced at 7,000₩/portion which is fairly reasonable for the different experience.

I'd suggest Outdoor Factory 아웃도어팩토리 at Hapjeong area for convenience sake. (More info - here!) Not sure if both restaurants with identical names are affiliated though, but from what I know prices at Outdoor Factory are slightly steeper probably due to the location.

Brilliant setting from the camping tables to the uncomfortable foldable chairs.

For vibes sake, we ordered sausages! What is a camping BBQ without sausages right?

During our stay in Korea, we had dinners at Outdoor Kitchen really often. We took many of our friends who were on holidays there as well and everyone loved it! It feels great to have people appreciating your recommendations etc. Till next time outdoor kitchen, I'll be back. 

love, bella