Friday, 15 January 2016

#mykoreadiary || PAJU city 파주 (Part two)

On my second installment of Paju, it was definitely a light hearted second part of the day after the morning of sad filled emotions for the plight of the families separated. We had lunch in a colourful restaurant! It was a table of delicacies at only $10/pax. Since this overdue outing happened in early October, I am unable to fill in that much of details. 

Provence Village (프로방스 마을)
Right outside Provence village is a bakery known for their garlic bread. Be sure to get it if it is available! Also one of the filming locations for My Love From The Star drama, this place is a beauty! Colourful buildings make a huge difference to the vibe of the village.

Paju Book City (출판도시문화재단)
Another reason to love Paju is their well usage of large spaces. Paju's library structure makes a conducive reading environment. They also have a museum displaying books during the ancient days. If time allowed, I would have sat around longer in their library. 

love, bella