Wednesday, 13 January 2016

おおさかし || #bellaxosaka (II)

Pompompurin Cafe (ポムポムプリンカフェ 梅田店):  Solo trip gives me the opportunity to do all the girly things I want without having to consider my travel partner's interest! In Japan, eat all things cute! Pompompurin is the only Sanrio cafe in Osaka as of now so why not? Impressed by the interior design and spacious dining area, I love how Japanese gets to every little detail. So detailed that even their chairs were paid attention to! I never had expectations of what my lunch would taste like because stereotype says that cute food never taste good. I had the Beef Stroganoff rice and unexpectedly, it was comparable or even better than (SG) Ma Maison's Stroganoff rice. There is simply no reason to refuse dining in such an ebullient atmosphere serving yummy cute meals anymore.

Kiddy Land: Also in the same mall, I came across the widest variety of Japanese cartoon character gift shops. I was honestly getting bored walking past shops after shops selling all nothing but cutesy products. It was a fresh experience at least until it became never ending. (All located at Hankyu San Bai Gai)

Rilakkuma Store Osaka: Of course, Rilakkuma. Disappointingly smaller than I imagined, tucked in a quiet corner of a quiet mall. I was prepared to spend my fortune in there but walked out empty handed eventually. There wasn't anything much I fancied so it was also great news that I didn't walk out poorer. >.<

Pokemon Center Osaka (ポケットモンスター): Also in the vicinity, Pokemon Center is located in Daimaru Umeda (13F)! Pokemon was pretty much a huge part of my childhood so I just had to go check out their store myself. It was a surprise to see a massive store size with happy colours all around. I'd say much better than the rest I'd seen earlier.  

Dragged my tired legs around in search of a pit stop and found myself in one of Hankyu Departmental Store's cafe. Japanese's fluffy pancakes were brilliant as usual but on coffee, I'd say that it would be disappointing for the caffeine people. In Japan, eat their pancakes.

Hankyu Department Store's Pretty Christmas Lightings!

Mizuno (美津の): Known to be the home to the best Okonomiyaki in Osaka, Mizuno is one of the highly raved restaurants where tourists flock to. I went to Dōtonbori again in search for dinner and decided to try Okonomiyaki! I never had Okonomiyakis ever so I didn't know what to expect until I was seated on counter seatings again and the chefs prepared my dinner right in my face. 

A portion of Okonomiyaki at Mizuno would set you back at 1405¥ (without tax) which is honestly steep in my opinion. For the brand & novelty, I would understand the need to experience the food hype at least once but it is no wonder the locals do not visit at all. Japan has no lack of delicacies and despite Mizuno's being really yummy (duh, for the price it better be), the price do not justify at all. Opinion coming from a budget student traveller who can't afford daily expensive meals, if otherwise this place assures a great meal :< 

Just look at the fresh ingredients~ 

Goodnight World & Goodbye to my Short Solo Journey in Osaka! 

I finally checked travelling alone off my bucket list. It was an amazing short journey alone, too short a holiday but because the air tickets were cheaper on certain dates hence only 3 days. I always loved the idea of travelling alone but after the marriage, priority definitely went to the husband. I'd rather see the world with the man I love than to explore on my own now. Which also explains the reason why I refuse to see more of Osaka on this trip because I was saving all of that just to see Osaka with the husband on our honeymoon. So thankful for the chance I got this time and till then, If I ever get to travel alone again. 

love, bella