Sunday, 10 January 2016

#mykoreadiary || Feelings.

I am six days away from home and this anticipation is killing me. Although four months have passed in a flash, I definitely embraced many heartfelt moments when I was here so no regrets, time to go back home again. Many friends have been telling me that I would miss Korea when I get back home. I mean yes, I definitely will. Withdrawal symptoms would start kicking in and I would miss the times being abroad but the thought of staying with my family and friends is a much more alluring deal than surviving the world alone. I miss my daily hugs from the grandmother, I miss chasing my cats around the house, I miss my friends whom I would call up in the middle of the night for a beer, I miss even wearing slippers at least. Of course, missing the good days of living here in Korea would be part of me from now but reality is the direction where I'm headed to right now. See you soon, Singapore.

I found a draft written 2 months ago and completely forgot about it. Here's an overdue read before I get back to Singapore. 

(xx October 2015)
I'd been chasing backlogs of #mykoreadiary and it is really hard to update as frequent as I'd like to. Most of the time, I really want to do without an update but write something instead. I prefer writing feelings than talking about places I went which is why most of the time I would come up with more pictures than words. So yes, halting a supposedly "where did I went" post today.

I've been living out of my comfort zone for 2 months now. It still feels surreal for me everyday waking up in Korea. I love how everything fell in place for me and I'm really thankful to have taken the plunge and went with my guts to open up this brand new chapter. But I'm honestly not even surprised at myself because I'm a risk taker. It really isn't a bad thing after all. In other news, I still cannot believe that I'd been doing my own laundry and cleaning up the house for the past months. I am just one of the current generation that has never done laundry or any household chores in my entire life. #truth But the truth is also that I'm learning each day and getting amazed at little things like operating a vacuum cleaner/washing machine. I used to have all my clothes hand washed and ironed nicely back at home and I'm starting to appreciate what I'd been blessed with in Singapore. These days, I've to rely on washing machines and also occasionally donning wrinkled clothes. :< 

I do miss Singapore. I miss my family and definitely my friends back at home. There are days I just want to sob so bad because I miss my grandmother. And my cats T.T It may sound like the most ridiculous thing to say but I honestly miss them like crazy. Every morning I would wake up from a good night sleep and feel uncomfortable about it because I'd usually get my nightly disturbance from the babies. I miss being stepped all over and my son pawing me awake every morning. I feel so mentally unsound right now. Anyway, I am coping on well right here, right now. I am unsure of what the aftermath of these 4 months would bring me but I am definitely sure all the uncertainty in exchange for this experience is sure worth it. 

love, bella