Wednesday, 30 December 2015

おおさかし || #bellaxosaka (I)

(10 december2015) I'm waiting for my flight back to Seoul right now and I've approx. an hour to kill before my flight call. By the time I publish this, it would probably be weeks later.

I was in Osaka alone for three days and it was definitely one of the most rewarding trips I'd ever been on. I have so much love for travelling and one of the hype Asia destination I always wanted to see was Japan but who'd have thought that my first trip there would be alone?! I'd probably be doing a guide on being alone in Japan although it is almost redundant for most Singaporeans would definitely be travelling to such a destination with at least someone. Nonetheless, I just want to document every little speck of my experience so I'd have something to look back to in future. 

This is definitely one of the best flight menu hands down. Only with reference to the budget airlines I'd been on since I rarely take prestige airlines.  So appetizing just by looking at them!  

✓ Guide To Travelling Osaka (Alone)

#Stay: I stayed at ARK Hostel (アークホステル) which was brilliant. I had my flight booked 2 weeks before the trip and most hostels were fully booked by the time I was looking around for a stay. It was a stroke of luck that I found ARK, a newly opened hostel in July this year. Here's how it looks, way above the standards of what you'd call a hostel. Subway: (肥後橋駅 Higobashi station Y12) Exit 9.

The entrance 

They have a cafe as well which is really pretty!

My crib for two nights! 
Female dorm with 18 beds in a room. I hope I counted correctly :>

Toilet + Shower rooms are separated. 
Shower rooms have double doors (if you can tell from the picture).  You can change out in the dry area without getting your clothes wet. Such a smart idea :>

My thoughts on Ark Hostel: I honestly love the convenience, a 30 second sprint from the subway station would get me home which is great for solo female travellers. Location is also relatively near to most iconic spots in Osaka so yes, highly recommended! On thoughts of the female dormitory, I was definitely not expecting an extremely quiet ambiance because you know girls... we talk alot. Or is it just me? Anyway, my dorm was quiet most of the time. The only time you'd hear noise is when somebody unpacking or packing, thats it. It is my first time staying in a hostel, (yay! bucket list checked!) so I was dealing with culture shock from the dead atmosphere. Basically, everything was great in Ark Hostel from my short stay there. Staffs were really friendly and helpful as well! However, strict check-in at 3pm because they would not even open their check-in counter before 3pm. So leave your luggages in their care and explore away! 

#Explore: Dōtonbori (道頓堀), a place for foodies! Looks really similar to Singapore's Clarke Quay, littered with restaurants all over the streets & by the canal. :> Heres to the start of exploring Japan's kitchen, Osaka. 

Eat: Ichiran Ramen! I did not have time to do up an itinerary for my trip so it was my first time literally roaming without a plan. Before I left for Dotonbori, I looked up the internet for dinner places and Ichiran Ramen was recommended in almost every website I browsed. 一蘭 Ichiran Ramen is actually known as the home to one of the best ramen in Japan. Apparently nobody leaves Japan without visiting this widely raved ramen chain. And so I went! 

¥910 (SGD$10.50) for a regular bowl of ramen with an egg. (¥790 without the egg)
You'd have to order from the vending machine, pay and get your meal ticket. Pick up the order sheet and customize your ramen to your preference. The staff would then guide you to an empty cubicle for your meal. At your cubicle, you have everything you need to enjoy your meal. Napkins, cups and even your personal water dispenser. Before I forget to mention (!!), this bowl of goodness is indeed phenomenal. I definitely understand the reason behind the Ichiran Ramen craze.

I absolutely love this cubicle seating restaurant because it definitely makes you feel really comfortable eating alone.  This is probably the best part about travelling alone in Japan because most restaurants are big on counter seatings. 

Explore Family mart / Lawson. That is where I got snacks as souvenirs back home.

love, bella