Tuesday, 1 March 2016

#mykoreadiary || Turning 24

Coincidentally or not, my midterm exams started 3 days before my birthday and ended on my birthday. It was a stressful week before we finished our last paper and called for a celebration! I count my blessings everyday for meeting the people of class 1-2, they were the best bunch of classmates and will always be my favourite memory in Korea. Thank you for the cake & birthday lunch! xo

The sisters arrived Seoul on my birthday and made it in time for my birthday dinner!

And I got a surprise party waiting for me at home! Birthday decorations were done up by the husband while I was away at school. I have a habit of showering immediately after reaching home and it was then when they were preparing the cake. And that was how I welcomed by birthday surprise with a bare face and PJs.

Celebrating 24 is never about making girly wishes on this yearly affair anymore. Blessed enough to be married before 24, blessed enough to be given a chance to drop everything in Singapore and realize my dream of "living" in Korea. This birthday has a brand new set of wishes - for both my families, the one I love, and the future that'd be in my control.

love, bella