Tuesday, 28 June 2016

#mykoreadiary || Autumn In Changdeokgung

Photo diary: Changdeokgung & Huwon
사진 일기: 창덕궁과 후원

Google would take you to a list of palaces to visit in Seoul but I'd tell you that it is wiser to just pick your favourite instead of spending the entire day looking at the same structures. I'd been to Gyeongbokgung (read here!) numerous times and it is definitely worth the tourist hype but I was getting bored so I decided to take the sisters to Changdeokgung (which has a secret garden)! Also disclaimer: I think that the secret garden would be less fancy without the Autumn/Spring colours so if you are visiting in Summer/Winter, it'd probably just look dull.

Autumn colours are so short-lived yet appealing. I took for granted that the vibrant colours would stay for the entire season so I was basically just bumming the entire season away at home but it rained so much that the leaves were collected on the ground instead. Red maple leaves, I'd definitely see you again.

love, bella