Wednesday, 20 July 2016

#mykoreadiary || Sky Park (하늘공원)

Photo diary: Sky Park 하늘공원 (World cup stadium station)
Website: (Korean)
Taken with: Samsung S6 (non-edited)

I'm really amazed with the husband's Samsung S6 camera. It actually takes decent pictures. So some long time back we went to my favorite place in Seoul, Sky park! I think throughout the stay in Korea, I went there at least 3 times. I'm honestly not too sure about the other seasons but if you happen to be there during Fall (October), this is the place to be. 

I know many people think that the ideal place to go is either the Han river or Yeouido park. I've been to only Yeouido park once for the International fireworks festival (read - here!) Honestly, it wasn't as fancy as how everybody would tell you it is. But for sure go to Yeouido park during Spring for the cherry blossom season, otherwise it's just a park. I've never been to Han park/river before. For some reasons, it never interest me. Also maybe I took it for granted that I occasionally see it while I'm on the subway so it wasn't in the list to visit. So if you have time constraints, you can go to Sky park which overlooks the Han river anyway. It boosts a panoramic view of the Han river and it'll be perfect if you are there during sunset.

I think the main idea of travelling to countries with seasons is that you choose the places to go in the right seasons. If you happen to be travelling to Korea during winter, Sky park would look like this (photo source), which would be not worth a trip up there. 

P.S/ You gotta climb a really, really long flight of 291 steps up for the majestic view. Else, join the snake queue that provides a shuttle bus up. 

love, bella