Friday, 18 January 2013

Hello Hongkong

Greetings from Hongkong !

My first holiday of 2013 would soon be over in less than 24 hours . I flew in to Hongkong on Wednesday for a short 4 days and would be returning to sunny Singapore tomorrow evening . My legs are about to break from all that intensive getting lost . It was not even intensive shopping to begin with ,  I'm just bad at directions y'know .  Been too reliant on Bryan whenever I travel and since this is my first trip without him , I gotta keep counting my money and converting them to SGD when I buy things was such a chore . Now you know I'm not just bad at directions , math as well . Hongkong is seriously the best place to go for  food feasting . I've been eating and eating for the past few days but reality would be after I'm back in Singapore and i will have to pay back all the carbs overload debts that's been accumulating for the past three days .

Nights everybody , hope everyone had a smashing Friday night while I nurse my tired feet .

Love ,