Monday, 21 January 2013

23rd Monthsary | MBS Staycation (II)

Rise and shine in MBS x 

The breakfast spread on the 57th floor was quite limited but their food was amazing . Every slice of bacon was made so crispy and the butter croissants were amazing ! Pity I was too full for more croissants else I would stuff myself with more . The egg benedict was the unexpected hit , nothing too fanciful when served , not even the appearance made it appetizing . But the hollandaise sauce complimented the muffin so well , and it was so addictive that I refused to share it with Bryan .

It was my first time at the Infinity pool but I didn't get too excited like the rest because I thought it was too crowded to actually appreciate the supposedly beautiful pool and view . It would be perfect if the environment was tranquil though . Apparently , the entire level 57 was swarmed with tourists and it was hard to even walk around , don't even talk about enjoying the Infinity pool . I was lucky to find myself a deck chair nearer to the pool so I could watch Bryan do his laps while I watch my show . But he got frustrated after 10 minutes because he was constantly being interrupted by people asking him to take pictures . There goes our effort to wake up early just for Bryan to swim , so we went back to the room till it was time for check out .