Tuesday, 19 February 2013

CNY 2013

Chinese new year is nothing without my grandfather . Our reunion dinner during 除夕felt incomplete but we made it through . My amazing mother made her version of Pen-cai (盆菜) which was surprisingly delish ! This is the only night I love most during Chinese new years . We've always been a huge family of six , and will always be . Miss you , Grandpa .

Shall not go into the details of the CNY visitings because it is the same every year ? But since I'm on this very topic , I shall just talk about what annoys me the most on CNYs .

01 ) Telling me to further my studies .
Seriously ? You think I need you to remind me every year that my education level stops at only O levels ? Years back , I already know I'm not cut out for schools so my answer is no , not now . I might study again in future but that is none of your business as well . There is no use constantly going on and on about education being very important in Singapore because I KNOW . I'm not an idiot , I've been working for 4-5 years now in the society and I DONT NEED YOU TO TELL ME HOW THE CERTIFICATES ARE IMPORTANT . Chinese new year is not about enlightening me so shut up .

02 ) Asking when am I getting married just because my boyfriend is around with me during CNY .
Not like I wanna complain about everything but most Chinese aunties are quite annoying on this . First , they meet your boyfriend and ask a million questions about them . The next thing they do is to say ridiculous things like , " Wah , Ah girl no need study liao lah . Just get married can already ! Got boyfriend already what . " Now what , want to link my low education level together with getting married . I've seen so much and heard so much of people talking behind backs . If I were to announce marriage at the age of 22 , the first response would be , " So young why getting married ? Pregnant huh ? Got money to get married meh ?  " Then why  on earth you people ask me to get married now huh . Contradicting , no ? Say for fun , but if it really happens .. the remarks from these people would be totally different . They bitch about you ... being young and ignorant about TRUE LOVE . 

03 ) Disrespect . 
This ... I don't want to go into details . But apparently some idiot from my extended family , studied too much abroad and came back becoming stuck up and rude . SHE MADE MY GRANDMOTHER CRY . This brings me back to what my mother loves to say that annoys the hell out of me . She always tells me that I'm like my dad , always so resistant on attending family affairs and stuff . In future I would have no relatives to turn to if I needed somebody . REALLY ?! Why would I need those people when the thing is , would they even be of help when you need help ? So stop telling me to be harmonious with everybody in the extended family because I don't want to ! Enough said .

This post sounds so angry but no , I'm long over it . I came to realize not everybody in your extended family is as nice as you think . Nonetheless , Happy Chinese New Year to everybody who enjoys this festive occasion !