Thursday, 30 October 2014

30 october 2014 || 생일 축하합니다

Happy birthday to me! I turn 23 this year and am no longer as excited as the previous years. I'm getting old and that just suck. Twenty one is always a good age to live in and I hate to admit that I'm far from being a twenty one again, sigh, In other news, this year's birthday is an especially meaningful one for me because It is my last single birthday. I would be a married woman on my next birthday, say whattttt?

Although I always look like one lucky child, growing up hasn't been the easiest for me. I grew up taking a route that many would have looked down upon, graduating with only an O level certificate. The countless judgemental eyes and mouths I've to deal with, made me who I am today. I've grown to know that this harsh society has most people establishing human relationships in the most superficial way. The pains of being looked down since I was a kid still lives vividly within me. I can't believe it but till date, I still get condemning questions like why wouldn't I further my studies then or now, and I really can't be bothered to answer any more. In fact, I'm still thankful for taking a different path from the rest. Really thankful for everything I've been blessed with through this 23 years. Thankful for all what I'm given and every life lessons I learn along the way. Of course most importantly for meeting Bryan and falling head over heels. Never imagined anyone would want a girl so fiesty and foul mouthed like me, honestly. Okay, I digressed as usual.

Of happier news, I already celebrated my birthday with the clique last weekend so there's nothing for me today. When I did my own dessert table on my 21st birthday, I said that it'd be my last because I am an adult now and there would be no more childish privileges in future. This year, I got surprised with a table of sweet treats and rainbow cake again! Reliving those young days, done right. But honestly guys, I secretly want a Rilakkuma cake more than anything else hahaha. Growing up is just not fun anymore. I want my Rilakkuma cake days back! My heart is filled with so much gratitude that besides being thankful, I am apparently loss for words to tell you how appreciative and touched I am for meeting this bunch of loving friends. Hey guys, Rilakkuma cake next year ok?

P.S / On this special day, I want to thank this one precious girl for being part of my life. Thank you May Woon. Through my bad times, you'd always be there for me and through my good days, you'd be genuinely happy for me. I haven't been the best friend and has always been very insensitive to the little details of our friendship. Thank you for loving me for who I am even if that means you have to break your principle. I've always been the bigger sister among my friends but with you, I get all the attention and love like a baby sister would. So on my birthday, I kept a birthday wish specially for you - I hope you'd be blessed with abundance of happiness and love from your future one, your family and your friends because you truly deserve it. Love you xo.

love , bella