Tuesday, 28 October 2014

ღ Cassandra's bachelorette party

Some long time back, I was tasked to plan for Cassandra's Bachelorette party. #woesofabridesmaid 

It is actually really easy to plan for a party, if there is NO budget constraint. All you need to do is to buy everything you need, order catering food and It becomes a party! But what if the bridesmaids have a strict budget to stick to? Here's our hens party on a budget.

VENUE | Royal Plaza On Scotts
I was initially quite lost at the wide selection of hotels in Singapore. Most hotels are so pretty, where do I even start? I eventually picked Royal Plaza on Scotts and it was seriously a right decision to make.

☑ Fantastic Location | It was so tough to get everybody together because the bridesmaid team had different schedules individually. Some could only come after work so I thought Orchard was the best location to settle our dinner.
☑ Room size | 32sqm was a decent size for 6 girls to move about. I've also considered chic boutique hotels as an option but most boutique hotels have a space issue of only 15-25sqm.
☑ Room rates | I scored a night stay in the heart of Orchard road at only S$230! (taxes included)

I remembered waking up as early as 8am on that Saturday morning, lugging big bags to run errands in Town at 10am (I still cannot believe this) and reaching the hotel all exhausted and shabby looking. Lingy who was with me, zoned out at the sofa while waiting for me to check-in. We were thattt worn out.

* UPGRADED! We got upgraded to the Royal Club Premiere room which means more luxury for the girly stay!

FOOD | Dessert table DIY
What if your party size is too small for minimum orders? You do it yourself! I wanted a cosy event so instead of going out for high tea, I brought the tea spread into our room for privacy. Recently, there'd been the hype of candy buffets going on but I don't really like sweets so we did a dessert buffet instead.

Vendors of most of our tea spread:
Bakers World | 15-8 Jalan Riang Singapore 358987 Tel: 61007107
Mini One by Donq | Takashimaya Food Hall B2

High tea / Evening cocktail 
Many perks were thrown in after we got upgraded and since we had access to club lounge, we went up to hang out while waiting for the rest to come over. Stuffed ourselves silly with the small bites till we hit food coma even before dinner time. But why would I say no to smoked salmon right?

Hen's Night Activities
#1- How well do you know the bride? I came up with the questions and whoever's answer is different from the bride's, must drink.
#2 - Drink IF. Made our set of drinking play cards (Cassandra's version).
#3 - Well wishes card. Not a game, this was specially made for Cassandra's keepsake.

Sunday Brunch buffet - Carousel
Brunch buffet after checking-out the next day! So the main reason why I booked Royal Plaza was also for the convenience of having Carousel around. My first time at this highly raved Halal buffet restaurant and it was as good as it was spoken of! I was completely obsessed with their fondue colours and had many servings of rose fondue fruits to myself. #gluttongirlfriendsatwork

Too many backlogs and by the time I'm writing this, Cassandra is already a MRS.
Congratulations darling and have a blessed marriage with Mr Ku!

love, Bella