Monday, 20 October 2014

Social media platform | #migupsg

Some two weeks ago, I got invited to Migme's first blogger event at their Singapore HQ. I had fun making new friends and exposing myself to bloggers of a different nature. At my age, I'm usually more exposed to only lifestyle blogs but at the event, I met people with diversified blogging genres.

After stuffing ourselves silly with the pizza dinner provided, the event started with a opening speech by CEO Steven Goh (@crazygrape). Following was a speech by Vice President Gene (@scorpiojiang) which had everybody at the edge of their seats. He shared his intriguing experience of joining the US army and what he actually signed himself up for. I felt like I was sitting in a movie theatre, while Gene was narrating his life story just that I didn't have popcorns with me haha.

So what exactly is
Formally known as Mig33, has been rebranded to a new micro blogging social media platform. Almost similar to the other social media platforms, Migme has a similar concept to most social medias, so what exactly stands out in Mig? They've many interactive features which include sending virtual gifts and levelling up your status. Just like playing a game, you'd have to complete tasks before levelling up so it is really addictive in a way to get you glued to Mig. Speaking of games, Migme also has games to keep you entertained! Also to digress a little, Mig's mascots are too cute! 

There is so much more to share and wouldn't it be such a bore for me to go on and on raving about Migme? Sign up an account now at to explore this awesome new social media yourself! It'll be fun, I promise.

P.S // Migme app is also available on Google play store so you can update on the go! 

love, bella