Tuesday, 2 December 2014

S e o u l 서울 || house tour!

I spent almost a month in Korea during summer and this trip definitely held the fondest memories thus far. It has been on my bucket list to live in Korea like a "local" and thankfully the mister agreed to my obstinate demand. I remembered calling him on a random afternoon to ask if I could book the air tickets. Our conversation lasted for 2 minutes and the next thing he knew, we were on our way to Korea! He's the sort who would get bored of the same food really fast while I wouldn't mind having my favorite food everyday. So initially he wasn't too sure about living in a foreign land for a duration this long. But he was glad we did because it was seoul amazing!

// The living + dining
// The bedroom 
// The other bedroom
// Supper every night, almost
And so this is where I lived for a month in Seoul! A newly furbished apartment in a vibrant neighbourhood, conveniently located 10 minutes away from the subway. Honestly nothing but praises for this abode - the location, cleanliness, the facilities, everything was just perfect during our stay. We did not live in the heart of town (myeongdong/dongdaemun etc). It was at least a 35 minute subway ride to town (depending on where you're headed to sometimes) but it was exactly what I wanted. Living in a legit suburb away from the tourist crowd.

In other news, we met the nicest host ever! I always have a stroke of luck when it comes to meeting people during my travels. During this summer trip in June, we were hosted by a kind family via airbnb. Our amazing host Emma lived right above us so it was very convenient if we needed anything. Which um, I abused the convenience and asked for her help most of the days. She was so accommodating and even offered to bring us to the traditional market for our buckwheat pillow hunt. She has rendered too much assistance during our trip, and for that I'm really beyond thankful. Wouldn't have had such a good time without her.Till then, till we meet again Emma.

love, Bella