Wednesday, 7 January 2015

2014 retrospection + my 2015

2014 has definitely been a memorable year, albeit the small hiccups along the way. I laughed a lot, learnt a lot and also lost a lot in this 365 days.

This year, I travelled so much lesser than the previous year but I took on longer trips that wiped out my entire leave system. Earlier in February, I spent close to three weeks in Taiwan. We took our pre-wedding pictures in the cold at approx 10°C but it was such an experience! In June, I took a month off to Korea! That trip has definitely held the fondest memories of us frolicking in my favorite ground. I wished I could have stayed longer but my leave got drained out by then. In August, I spent my last annual leave on a surprise birthday trip for Bryan to Phuket! The amazing resort coupled with the amazing travelling clique, our trip was perfect.

This year, I made new friends, got closer to some and drifted apart from some old friends. Most importantly, I finally learn that friends come and go, and that it is okay. In the past, it was not okay for me. Every friend I crossed path with is very important to me despite having differences along the way. But now, I've had enough of friendship dramas and am so sick of it. I've finally accepted that certain friends would only be part of a phase in your life. Only if you're lucky enough, you'd find some sticking with you throughout. It isn't easy to be any less emotional about it, I'm still learning. Thankful for Cassandra, she played such a huge role in my life this year.

You know you're old when friends around you are getting married. The two major events that kept me occupied this year were my girlfriends getting hitched! Thankful that I was asked to be part of their big day as their bridesmaid. Weddings are such blissful occasions but having to deal with the preparation works for just that one short day is crazy. Accompanying Cassandra through hunting down her perfect gown, choosing wedding photos and running errands. Nonetheless, all was worth it to be seeing your beautiful girlfriend don her perfect wedding dress, walking down the aisle and giving the speech of her night. These are no doubt the fondest memories that would be etched to my heart forever.

Bryan popped the question and I am engaged! It was not all butterflies & roses because as soon as we got back to Singapore, we started looking at banquet venues and wedding dates. Thankfully everything fell right in place and now we are on our way to saying I do. Bryan's been an amazing then boyfriend, now fiancé. I've never gotten along so well with anyone whom I can disturb, irritate and to just be myself so comfortably. Marriage is a huge word and we never really sat down to seriously consider if we were sure about signing our lives away to each other. Some say getting married needs an impulsive element when making that decision and I guess that is my reason. It isn't that kind of adrenaline rush nor the crazily in love. It is being stuck with the same guy for years and would still look forward to seeing him everyday.

In 2015... I'd be looking forward to #bryanbellawedding - Which is going to keep us really busy. Bella is getting hitched! Honestly, I still cannot believe it that I'd be turning MRS this year. From the time we started prepping for the big day, we'd always tell people "还久啦!" Till now that its only months away, it feels so surreal already. Crossing fingers that everything would go really smoothly.

Travelling would be drastically lesser than the previous years which is a complete bummer. It is not cheap to get married in Singapore, lets not even talk about holding a dream wedding. So we've to be very stingy with the pennies now! Wedding plans held back a lot of what we could do / what we wanted to do. But I'm not complaining because I know for sure I'm going to miss it when its all over. On a happier note, we are booked for two short trips before Chinese new year! I'd be off to Bangkok next week and it is time to start packing soon because of the back-to-back schedules I have right before flying off. How can I still be so calm about it when I had a panic attack earlier this morning? Through the festive seasons for the past two weeks, I conveniently forgot about my passport that is due before my trips. So just this morning, I was drying my hair, sorting it out on the internet right before rushing to work and I clicked on the wrong button. I made an appointment just 2 days before my flight and no changes could be made. Bummed but I guess I'll cope with the schedule without cancelling anything off.

To an awesome year 2015 ahead! x

love, bella