Thursday, 29 January 2015

Bangkok 2015 | Ban Khun Mae & Mango Tango

When in Thailand, eat authentic Thai cuisine. There wasn't even a need to search for a place, because everybody voted to be back at Ban Khun Mae for dinner. It was full house during dinner hours and thankfully we made reservations earlier to avoid the unnecessary wait. The food was of course, satisfying as usual. Other than the honey chicken that we visualized turned out to be really disappointing, everything else was thumbs up! 

Steam Seafood Curry Paste Filled in Coconut

The friends been raving about this dish since the time we planned this trip. I've never tried it before but from how they all described it, it must be damn good. How do I describe this? I don't know how. It was too unique a dish, something we'd never seen selling in Thai cuisines. I loved the subtle sweetness of the coconut blended in with the curry paste. I just realized how miserable I felt typing this out. It wouldn't be too soon that I'd head to Bangkok again. So till then, my favourite seafood curry in coconut. 

Refuse to order desserts at BKM because we wanted to save some tummy space for the mother of all mango sticky rice, Mango Tango. With a scoop of mango ice cream and mango pudding on top of the usual mango sticky rice, my dessert is complete! I guess the boys were not too impressed with that dessert a little too sweet.  And also well, I found a much better mango sticky rice at a food alley. So I'd probably not be back for more in future. 

love, bella