Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Bangkok 2015 | {Eat} ROAST cafe

In search for the best brunch in Bangkok. Having been to ROAST on my previous trip, I thought I should keep my options open to other cafes. Asked my dearest cousin who was in Bkk cafe hopping a week before me - so far the best is still ROAST. 

And so I was back, again.

Roasted garlic tomato soup
New england clam chowder
Roast iced tea | Matcha Latte
Pulled pork burger
 Crab cake benedict | Mushroom & garlic pasta

We were out in the early morning so there wasn't a crowd at ROAST when we arrived, or probably because it was a Thursday. Either way, it was good to start our day in ambiance instead of being seated in a rowdy restaurant.

This trip's food itinerary is almost a replica of my previous trip to Bangkok in 2013. But it was almost impossible to give up eating at our list of favourite food haunts when we were planning for Bangkok. Turns out, I got quite bored of already knowing what we would be expecting for our meals. We're done with the revisits and I'm really looking forward to our next trip, with new food haunts and fresh experiences!

love, bella