Friday, 6 February 2015

Bangkok 2015 | Purr cat cafe club

Spent the afternoon lounging on wooden floor with a clutter of cats roaming around. This was how it went - Reached the cafe after a good 15 minutes walk, stepped in the cafe in all enthusiasm and started molesting the "receptionist" cat immediately while the receptionist lady tried to get my attention on the cafe rules. Truth is, nothing she said got into my head. I was excited as hell and wanted to walk right into the cat area almost immediately. Purr cat cafe is definitely heaven for cat lovers. 

I've been to numerous cat cafes before and there's nothing like Purr cat cafe. Even Korea's cat cafes do not impress me at all because their house cats are really unfriendly. They do not even show the slightest affection to those who are paying to hang out with them. On the contrary, Purr cat cafe's babies are so friendly! They were actively playing with us and would even approach for strokes. (=^・ェ・^=)

This isn't cat news but their desserts are worth the trip alone. Cassandra and I got too caught up with the cats that we forgot to look at the menu. Cafe rule #1 - Order something off the menu, so we did. The red velvet cake was definitely the best I had in awhile. Never had melt-in-your-mouth cakes before, this one is first.

One of the reasons why Bangkok would never fail to amaze me on my yearly visit. I'd definitely bag home a brand new experience every time I'm here. The diversity of culture, cheap shopping, streets, massages and most importantly food, keeps us coming back for more. Albeit the congested traffic & dishonest sellers/tuktuk drivers, Bangkok is a lifelong addiction.

love, bella