Wednesday, 25 February 2015

11 February'15 | Our 4th Anniversary

Amazing how we turned 4 in a blink of an eye. This year we'd be celebrating our last anniversary as singles before we move on to the phase of officially celebrating wedding anniversaries in future. Initially, we already planned to celebrate both our anniversary & valentine's day in KL since it is just days apart. But coincidentally, RWS offered a complimentary stay during this time and so we ended up staying with Equarius Hotel again.

I went over after work and walked into the surprise that le fiancé planned!

So cheesy, I cannot even! He's a hopelessly romantic person while I'm the kind who cringes at the slightest cheesiness. Thankfully he doesn't do this all the time so I learn to appreciate the once in a blue moon surprises. He also learns that I'm very anal when it comes to receiving flowers because they're really overpriced most of the time. So he actually went to the market to get those roses and arranged the petals himself, leaving 3 leftover stalks for me. Okay, I approve.

Happy 4th (dating) Anniversary to us! ♥

Did brunch at quayside after lazing in bed till noon. I decided that we have Spanish cuisine since we haven't tried it before. The food was amazing albeit the small portions served. It is quite understandable for the petite portions though because Spanish cuisines focus on mainly tapas dishes. I guess my favorite of the meal would be the Spanish doughnuts, Churros! Crispy sticks of flour coated with cinnamon, dipped into hot chocolate sauce --- genius invention! It is Churros for me, anytime.

Sabio By The Sea
31 Ocean Way, Quayside Isle 098373

love, bella