Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Bangkok 2015 | In A Nutshell

When another couple arrived on our second day there, we were moving around in a huge group of 8. Which meant that I did not get the luxury of taking too many touristy pictures because there'd be 7 pairs of eyes staring at me by the time I'm done.

So all in all of whatever we explored and eaten for the next 3 days would be summarized here.

T&K Seafood - Food quality dropped drastically. In all honesty, undeniably still the best option for a good seafood feast without having to break the bank but it wasn't as satisfying before. My favourite crab meat in yellow curry was still the best bet and while the highly raved prawn vermicelli was the usual hit, it tasted terrible that night.

Boat noodles / kuay teow reua - Since none of us tried this before, we went ahead to hunt for seemingly "the best of boat noodles" shop. While the girls felt intimidated by the thought of having pig blood thicken broth noodles, I was actually looking forward to try. Each small bowl priced at 12 ฿, we really had fun trying to stack a tower of bowls. It is always nice to learn a little bit more about Thailand's culture whenever we visit.

Gourmet market at Terminal 21 - Irrelevant food find by the girls while shopping at Terminal 21. Stepped into this luxurious supermarket to find tempting cooked food bars. Given the choice again, I wouldn't waste my tummy space on this but gotta say that their food is really delicious.

Sukhumvit Soi 38 Food alley - Not photographed here but you'd find the best mango sticky rice in this alley. Everything else here were so yummy, this is definitely the place for street food.

After you cafe - Highly raved for their honey toast which initially sounded absurd to me. The toast looked exactly the same as what I'd be able to get in Toastbox (Singapore) so I wasn't too excited about it. So on one afternoon, the girls did takeaway for the toast. We had two ice cream scoops and whipped cream packed separately. In doubt that we'd be able to grab a transport and beat the jam in the shortest time possible, I vow to be back if the ice cream did not melt under the time frame and blazing heat. I was so impressed! We scrambled 7 floors down Central world, haggled with the tuktuk drivers and time taken was at least 1/2hr to return back to our hotel. Point is - Ice cream did not melt. And the Shibuya honey toast is out of the world good! So on our last day when everyone else got busy with whatever they wanted to do, I went back to the cafe alone to fulfil my promise. Happiness is sitting in the cafe alone with an entire honey toast to yourself --- ♥♥♥

Napat closet & cafe - Did shopping in Chatuchak and stopped at a cafe for desserts! Cutest macaroons at only S$2/pc. Perfect spot for the sweet toothed girls who'd swoon over these cute desserts. 

In other news, we also made it to Talad Rod Fai Night market. I didn't even manage a picture there, I still cannot believe it. That boisterous place is real hit, everyone loved the vibe but got too exhausted to walk by night time. So we only kinda went there for dinner & did not manage to explore that place at all. Definitely a must go in Bangkok, again. 

love, bella