Monday, 9 March 2015

My Travel Essentials by relayrides

1. Sunscreen: Regardless a summer or winter trip, sunblock is definitely essential.
I recommend ☑ OHui Sun Science Perfect Sunblock / Innisfree Eco Safety Perfect Sunblock

2. Skin care: Being such a skin care junkie, I always invest part of my baggage weight on my products. Unlike make up, I'm overly attached to my skincare routine. I usually load excessive quantities of sheet masks and a bottle of sleeping pack so I can shuffle the use on my holidays. I recommend ☑ Beauty Diary Sheet masks / Laneige water sleeping pack

3. Lip balm: Definitely on my list because it is essential for the fiancé. He gets chapped lips only when he travel which is very weird. We travelled to Seoul during winter some long time back and guess who suffered with flaky and painful lips throughout the freezing trip. 

4. Camera: No way I'm leaving on an airplane without my trusty camera. I had a nightmare on my last trip to Hongkong, when my camera jammed on my second day there. You wouldn't want to know how I threw a bitch fit and came back from Disneyland without a decent photograph. Memories are best kept in your head and in your camera. Currently using ☑ Canon S100

5. Macbook: My entertainment platform on flights or nights that I can't sleep. Also Bryan's ultimate lifesaver when he gets last minute assignments or if we plan to change our holiday route at the very last minute, the laptop would come in very handy. Albeit the burdensome weight of the laptop and the charger, it'll never go wrong to have them on your holiday.

6. Universal Plug: If you're on a road trip and there might be no proper accommodations to seek shelter in, this would save the lives of your dying batteries.

7. Currencies in cash: I think this is a me thing. As a young budget traveller, I do not believe in swiping the credit card and paying the bills only when I get back from my holiday. I'd usually change enough currencies to last me through my trip. But still bring the card in any case of emergency - like if you see a Prada bag that you really like or something. 

If I could include an essential in all my holidays - it'd be a car. As you'd have known, I'd only been on a road trip once in Jeju Island and I consider that the best time of our lives throughout my travelling journey. It gets really hectic and exhausting to be on train/bus rides when you travel so if I am given a choice, I'd totally rent a car on every trip. 

Relayrides is a peer-to-peer car sharing company based in the USA where car owners rent out their vehicles to other people. It is beneficial to both the car owners and tourists where they'd be able to rent a vehicle easily on an online interface. Also with insurance covered, everybody can drive at ease! 

P.S| A special thank you to Emma from relayrides for getting me involved in this project and pushing my deadlines.

love, bella