Wednesday, 18 March 2015

WeddingDiary #03 | Compassvale cape (BTO)

We bought a house! 

Probably the most expensive thing we'd be paying for in our lives. Unless, a bigger house in future. This March we'd be two years into the BTO project and I cannot believe how time just went by so quickly. I really haven't had the hype to talk about this because two years ago, all we did was to just sign some papers and stare at an empty piece of land whenever we drove by.

Many asked why did we get a flat at such young age? Some long time back in 2013, we were only two years into our relationship. I considered us stable enough for our fights never exceeded 10 times through our dating days. (Which I still find it absurd that we rarely disagree with each other,then) By the way, we disagree with each other much more these days because he has gotten way too comfortable in this relationship and is starting to turn badass hahaha. I digressed. So anyway, we wanted to try our luck because it was said that you might need a couple of tries before successfully balloting a flat of your choice. Also we saw a crazy number of upcoming BTO projects the government was introducing in the Punggol / Sengkang area, we had to ballot early if we wanted to live in that area.

Which we did, and the wait was a completely torturing process (for me). I didn't mind waiting if it was guaranteed a good news. The thing was, we had to wait for a month before finding out if we would get a ballot number. 30 DAYS! Sorry, but I would hate to be disappointed after 30 days of hope and anticipation. Thankfully we weren't disappointed, in fact we got a pretty decent number. We thought we were really lucky to get the queue number of 544/841 (4room) units.

The project we balloted for was applicable for both Compassvale Cape/Compassvale Helm. We wanted the Compassvale Cape project which had only 500+ (4room) units. Which means if the 500 people in front of me were also interested in Cape, I might not get a unit of my choice there. So we had to wait again. Helm seemed like a better option for everybody else and when it was time for our appointment, Helm was almost sold out and I had 90% of Cape's unit to choose from. In other news, we managed to score the unit we had been looking at for the longest time! *pops champagne!*

I didn't realize I typed so much already. 

I've so much more to share with regards to what happened in between this entire timeline. It'll be too long winded a story to tell. But I promise you, the process wasn't a bed of roses. However, we're really beyond thankful for being so lucky with our first ever BTO. We never thought we'd score a flat of our choice within the first try. We heard too much stories from friends that they'd have to try a couple of times before getting a lousy number. We were prepared to face the same but everything just fell right in place for us. #blessed 

 Advices on buying a BTO flat 
Just my two cents worth on this. *mostly applicable for those in their twenties (>25years old) 

 You & your partner calls the shot - If your parents/parents in law are the "leave it up to you" type, you're very lucky. If you have parents/in laws that still sees you as a child, you're in for a lot of unnecessary input from them. They'd tell you not to pick units near the dustbin or the lift etc. If your parents are extremely superstitious on fengshui, things will get even more complicated from there. You'd be told not to buy units that face the afternoon sun etc. There would be so many restrictions in choosing the unit and they'd go on and on as if your ballot number is #1. I'd say, you call the shot. After all, you're going to live in the flat not them. It may be seemingly hard to oppose your parents but I did. I fought for what I wanted and ended up in a very strained relationship with my mom for almost a year. She has taken things since and accepted my decision only a year later. It wasn't the easiest war especially when it is with your mother. But I am glad I chose a flat I like, instead of pleasing other people to go along with what I dislike. Always take advices as an opinion not an obligation. 

 Fengshui - Myth or fact? - I always believe that bad fengshui can be avoided. If someone tells you that your living room has a poor facing, you do not buy another flat right? You'd give the fengshui master a chance to con a little money out of you for a better fengshui. There are bound to be ways for a better fengshui so that shouldn't be priority when choosing your unit. 

 I always believe that we're literally "begging" the government for a home. Which means, we can afford one but we cannot get the luxury to choose whatever we want. With the amount we are paying, I do feel unfairness for our money that doesn't justify. Sometimes the people around us unknowingly adds on more stress and for the poor couple with already limited choices left, makes the comment very unnecessary. It is always kind to give constructive advices to the couple, and the decision will go back to the couple who are paying for it.

P.S | "Next time you better not do this or buy that for your future house. If not I am not going to step into your house at all."
 I still get that often.

love, bella