Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Bioré Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

(Sponsored Review)

Make up remover is the most basic yet essential part of my skincare routine. Then again, I'm never one who'd be adventurous with exploring different beauty products so I had been sticking to my current make up remover brand for a very long time now. I know that I'm definitely missing out because in the fast paced market these days, competitive products are launched very frequently.

Bioré Aqua Jelly Make up Remover, a widely raved product in the current beauty market has recently launched an improved version of it's existing product! This highly acclaimed make up remover is said to be able to effortlessly remove make up residues without harsh tugging on the skin. This lightweight formula leaves the skin feeling refreshed, with no sticky or greasy after-feel. Most importantly, it is suitable for all skin types!  

Most of the time, I'm in really light make up (only foundation) so I honestly do not have much expectations for a reliable make up remover. It is as long as my foundation gets removed, it is naturally a good remover to me. My only pet peeve is that I hate getting a skin tight after-feel so I resorted to using an oil based remover that doesn't strip off too much of my face oil. However, Bioré Aqua Jelly Make up Remover is made with 40% moisturising essence that nourishes and hydrates the skin! So now there's another alternative for me to achieve the dewy moisturised cleansed face without my skin drying up!

*** Apologies for the lack of products used for the efficiency test. I tried digging from my existing cosmetic pouch but as of now, my only possession is a whole collection of different foundations & 2 sticks of concealer.  The other colours were contributed by my mom's stash.

1. Pump an appropriate amount (2-3 pumps) onto hands and spread evenly over face and eye area.
2. Massage gently to dissolve makeup & rinse thoroughly with water. 

* It is not necessary to remove cleansing liquid with cotton pad or tissue. For best results, apply on dry face and hands. Do not use facial cotton pad or tissue. 

This has been my routine for the longest time although I do see the people around me using cotton pads to remove their makeup. As much as I take pride in my skincare routine, I can't help but take the easier way out by washing off the remover with water instead. This cleanser is definitely suitable for people like me, the lazy bum. 

Bioré Aqua Jelly Make up Remover is now available at all leading supermarkets, personal care stores,western pharmacies & departmental stores at ONLY S$24.90!