Wednesday, 23 September 2015

#mykoreadiary || ASHLEY 애슐리

Took Bryan for a better lunch date on Friday after his lessons ended! Although I've been 2 weeks in, we haven't really stuffed ourselves with too much Korean food yet. There is really so much more to what people think of Korea when it comes to food. They do have an equally diversified cuisines to offer. These days, Koreans are taking pride in their rendition of western food and you can easily spot a handful of western restaurants on the streets. It really isn't just kimchi & korean BBQ. 

We went to ASHLEY for a lunch buffet! Lunch at 14,900₩ / Dinner at 24,900₩ (Salad bar)
It is definitely one of the cheapest and value for money buffet around! You would be given a menu for ala carte steak if you wish to order a main but it isn't mandatory so you can just ask for the salad bar buffet and eat away! :>

→ Really classy interior, it surely feels expensive to be dining here.

→ First round! The Gorgonzola Pizza & Crab Pasta was a big hit. The food here left such a great impression at first encounter. Skip the mushroom soup though, it taste like canned soup. And um, I stole the mushrooms from the Bibimbap DIY station.

→Second round! It really isn't secret that I live on pasta. Bryan had a variety of fried food but I helped myself with a bigger portion of crab pasta this second round instead. We were really stuffed by the second serving. 

→ Desserts! Chocolate crepe & an assortment of cakes to complete our meal. The desserts were really good as well. 

I must say this buffet is really bang for the buck! 

love, bella