Monday, 21 September 2015

#mykoreadiary || 마포 음식문화축제

So the hubby told me about the Mapo Food Festival going on over two days (17/09-18/09) and I thought we should go! 

A little background info: Every year, Mapo holds a Galbi and Jumulleok food festival, usually in the fall. During the festival, galbi and jumulleok is sold at discounted prices so don't miss out on this opportunity to eat Korean barbeque meat to your heart's content!

Galbi (갈비) literally translates to "rib", and is beef or pork short ribs that are typically marinated in a concoction of soy sauce, sliced scallions, garlic, ginger juice, sugar, sesame seeds, sesame oil, and pepper and then grilled.

Jumulleok (주물럭) is pork sirloin that has been lightly marinated in a concoction of sesame oil, salt, garlic, and pepper and then charcoal-grilled. The name "jumulleok" comes from the word "jumulleokgeorida" (주물럭거리다), which means "to knead or rub", which describes the action of how jumulleok is made (the marinade is kneaded into the meat. (Source)

→ Look how vibrant and well decorated the streets were~

→ They even have stage performances and events going on! Everybody in Korea loves KPOP girls, really. The elderlies were very much entertained by them as well. Keyword: Sexy.

→ There were too many stretches of restaurants to choose from, most of them with discounted prices for the festival.We managed to stumble upon the festive vibe with people eating at the park! It isn't a shop, just a bunch of young boys grilling away. Galbi was crazy cheap at ₩7,000/portion! Beer & Soju were selling at only ₩2,000/bottle! We ordered sashimi as well at ₩20,000, not exactly cheap but thats the price everywhere.

It was very interesting to sit around the park and embrace the vibe of the entire festival going on. Everybody were seen indulging in meat and alcohol while catching up with friends. It was such a good & cost saving experience for us!

How to Get There: Take subway line 5 to Mapo Station and go out exit 1. 

love, bella