Friday, 25 September 2015

#mykoreadiary || 수정옥돌 생 소금구이

If anyone noticed, Bryan & I always have our mandatory meat intake in almost every meal because he says a meal isn't complete without meat. Before he got whiney at our frequent carb meals, we went out for a decent Korean BBQ.

Located in Hongdae, this BBQ place is quite a standout from the countless restaurants in this hipster area. Specifically, you cook your meat on stones not on a grill which is pretty damn cool. In other news, you gotta go really early if you don't want to wait because they are really quite popular. When we arrived at 6.45pm, it was already full house.

Stones are also served in their water! 

This is undeniably good! I never had such well marinated and juicy pork fillet ever. Pork fillets are easily overcooked and dry but this one is phenomenal. And true enough, it is really pretty damn cool to cook on stones. Although it does get a little annoying when the meat sticks to the stone, just keep flipping~

We got a soybean paste soup (된장 찌개) on service!  

love, bella