Saturday, 26 September 2015

#mykoreadiary || 아주불곱창

Just right below our apartment, there's a Gopchang (곱창) stall that is always seen thriving in business. We didn't want to travel out for dinner on a Sunday evening so we decided to just head downstairs to fill our tummies. 

They have a pretty small scaled shop which probably fits only 25 people comfortably at one time. They also do not have an extensive menu, just two dishes to choose from - Egg Gopchang or Vegetable Gopchang(8,000₩/portion). But you can add sides like Fried Rice (볶음밥) for just 2,000₩/portion. I actually requested for a feast before my placement test the next day.

They actually cook the gopchang for you before serving it to your grill to keep it hot. Same goes for the bokkeumbap where they already cook for you to save you hassle. It was so good I must say, albeit a little spicy. I love intestines and although Korea's rendition is really different from the usual Kuey chap we get in Singapore, it was nice to eat something familiar. Its a complete Asian thing. Oh! The seaweed soup that looked rather unappealing is actually a lifesaver. I obviously couldn't take the spiciness at some time so I had a spoonful of soup. Miraculously the spiciness in my mouth just went away instantly. For people who can't take spicy food like me, there's always an alternative.

love, bella