Friday, 18 September 2015

#mykoreadiary || A date with plane friend (II)

Tongtong's stay in Korea was only a week long so on her last night in Seoul, we went to Dongdaemun! She really wanted to see what the hype was about at Dongdaemun so I just took her there although I'm really not the one who shops.

Before exhausting our energy, we went for our dinner date first! Picked a random restaurant as usual for dinner. Korean BBQ apparently topped her to do list in Korea so we had to meet to her agenda! We ordered a portion of beef galbi (갈비-₩28,000), pork belly (삼겹살-₩12,000) & naengmyeon (냉면-₩6,000).

I find the prices very steep for a usual Korean fare but I guess we are in the tourist spot so generally everything is pricier? We were too lazy to like check other shops out so we settled for this but a portion of galbi at SGD$33 is really a rip off. Nonetheless after so much complains, Tongtong paid the tab to thank me for spending time with her in Seoul else she'd been bored stiff. Thank you for the expensive meal! :>

Apparently, we walked 3 malls and came out disappointed because there wasn't anything much to the Korean fashion we visualized. It was still a good night spent and I reached home midnight beyond exhausted. Till we meet again in Singapore, gonna miss you!~

love, bella