Thursday, 17 September 2015

#mykoreadiary || 키친스별

On a random weekday, I was craving for cream pastas so we strolled around Sinchon after Bryan's lessons ended to look for a place to dine in! We did walk by a few pasta restaurants but their prices were not exactly budget-friendly & because #bellainseoul is on budget, we just kept walking down to street to try our luck. Thankfully, we found a gem in one of the quieter streets! Their banner caught my sight - Pizzas from ₩7,900 & Pastas from ₩5,900! Really decent for the poor couple so yeap, we were completely sold by the banner. 

Truth to be told, I was quite skeptical about the pasta quality since the shops we saw earlier on priced their pastas at an average of ₩13,000. But we gave it a shot anyway and it turned out such a pleasant experience! Here at 키친스별, you can get Carbonara/Aglio Olio at only ₩5,900 which is really value for money. Besides, the ambiance of the place is really inviting too! 

→ Seafood Spoon Pizza || ( ₩10,900) Korea's pretty big on spoon pizzas nowadays. It literally means eating pizza with your spoon! From the looks of it, it is Singapore's baked rice. But spoon pizza is actually a thin bottom layer of pasta skin, topped with cheese & the flavour you ordered, and thats probably it. As much as I love the taste of it, it isn't very filling to have cheese and a little bit of seafood for lunch. I would prefer my carbs in it anytime.

→ Crabmeat Cream Pasta || (₩7,900) Really, really satisfying. Easily better than any Singapore's cream pastas.

 I would definitely be coming back for my pasta cravings!

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