Wednesday, 16 September 2015

#mykoreadiary || A date with plane friend.

So I previously mentioned that I met a girl on my flight to Korea. She happened to be travelling alone as well and since we hit it off pretty well, we made plans to hang out! It is her first time to Korea so she wanted me to take her to the infamous (Myeongdong/ 명동/ 明洞). 

Going to Myeongdong on a Sunday afternoon is crazy. The streets & alleys were filled to the brim with tourists so it wasn't really enjoyable to shop leisurely without having to avoid bumping into people. 

→ Busy streets of Myeongdong

→ Food glorious food. I call them tourist skewers, bloody rip off at ₩5,000/stick. (Which is approx. SGD$6)

→ We had lunch at a random Korean restaurant before shopping. It is a pretty decent Korean fare, but nothing really fancy. 
On the table - Japchae (잡채) & BiBimBap (비빔밥)

No judging, it really isn't big deal. Till then, till our next meet up~

love, bella