Saturday, 24 October 2015

#mykoreadiary || #maylinginseoul DAY 2

Sunday was our girly date without the husband! We woke up early to spend a longer day out with each other. 

 Tosokchon (토속촌)
This place is definitely the mother of all Seoul's Ginseng Chicken restaurants. Every tourist who visit Seoul would definitely have this in their itinerary. I asked Ling for a food list of what she'd like to try in Korea and since Ginseng chicken was on the list, this should be the place to be. Nearest Subway: Gyeongbokgung station

I've been here for a couple of times and every time, I just feel so refreshed with their signature dish. I must say that it is quite pricey for a meal here but albeit the price, the portions are pretty worth the bucks. Also at this place, I absolutely love their seafood pancake (해물파전) for its crisp and flavour! This time, it was a complete let down when we got served a cold pancake which was probably pre-prepared long ago. The soup standard was still consistent but because of their growing popularity and drive to serve more customers in the shortest time, they compromised their food quality by preparing it in advance. Other than the Ginseng chicken that is still worth a visit here, I wouldn't pay ₩15,000 for a cold pancake ever again.  

→ Gyeongbokgung  (경복궁)
And after a filling brunch at Tosokchon, where else but Gyeongbokgung for a stroll? It was my third time there so I was quite familiar with the huge historical landmark, not. We got lost for probably 30 minutes trying to find our way out of the palace. It was really crowded as usual but we managed to find our way to some quiet scenic spots!

→→→ Samcheongdong (삼청동)
All in the vicinity, we went to Samcheongdong next! I haven't had an entire day out for a long time, it was just half a day out and my energy level depleted completely. I was on my white flag so we popped into a cafe to refuel. Our initial intentions were to just get my caffeine dosage fixed but I saw Ice cream waffles on the menu and I couldn't resist! I'm more like the younger sister when it comes to food because I get really whiney if I didn't get to eat what I want and ling's more accommodating on this so she bought us waffles! ^^ 

→→→ Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)
Korean traditional houses! Friends who know me would know that I love historical spots and this is just one of my favourite places in Seoul. Amidst the crowded city of Seoul is a neighbourhood of traditional hanoks. I love how they kept this place untouched because it feels really nostalgic to be walking in this quaint village. Tourists have since been swarming this place after it became an attraction. There really isn't anything to see except for the architecture of the entire neighbourhood and probably some souvenir shops. So only if you love history and ancient artifacts, the walk up here would be worth it.

 →구이가 (홍대)
Dinner time at Hongdae! The husband joined us for dinner and we had Korean BBQ! I was never a fan of Korean BBQs until this long stay in Korea. Having been to Korea twice previously, I still thought barbecued meat tasted all the same. I had been taking time to explore this place all over again and now I'm a convert! I basically want to eat BBQ everyday because I can finally tell the difference between a honestly good meat BBQ and whatever else you'd get at overrated restaurants. ^^ 

This restaurant is one of the better ones we had which was recommended by a friend. I didn't like the place as much but the meat was pretty good. This set probably sets you back at 29,000₩ so it isn't too expensive to share among 3 people. 

love, bella