Sunday, 25 October 2015

#mykoreadiary || #maylinginseoul DAY 3

I have classes on weekdays so Bryan took over to bring Mayling around for a morning. They went shopping at Edae while waiting for me to be done with school! Lunch was pretty meh and not worth a mention. It was cheap though, 5,900₩ if I'm not wrong.

→ Hello Kitty Cafe (헬로키티카페)
The girlfriend is crazy about Hello kitty. She would have spent her fortune on her kitty obsession if she could. Hello kitty cafe in Hongdae have since moved to a new space in November 2014 and this move is just perfect for hello kitty fans. The place is definitely more spacious now and there is also a souvenir shop to splurge your money! Killing all the excitement, I was there just to grab coffee, study and accompany.

Dinner was also at Hongdae! I completely have no idea what their shop name is but I'd been frequenting them a lot these days. Their meat cut is really yummy!  Galmaegisal 갈매기살, known as pork skirt meat is really recommended here. (16,000₩/500g) 

love, bella