Sunday, 1 November 2015

#maylinginseoul DAY 4 || #casscyinseoul DAY 1

My header has been taken over by the friend's hashtags,  #bellainseoul takes a break for now.

→ Soft Tofu Stew (순두부찌개)
Mayling roamed around on her own on day 4 because the tour guides were at school. She met me after my classes and we went for lunch! We went to Myeongdong after lunch to get her skincare shopping done before heading back home for the couple. Guess who spent all her money in our favourite Laneige? 

→ James Cheese Back Ribs
Cassandra & CY arrived Seoul in the evening so we headed out for dinner at James Cheese Back Ribs! I know, nobody is even paying me for being their tour guide yet I've a tighter schedule than a legit tour guide have :< In other news, the ribs here tasted just as good as the picture looks! But... 1. Heck small portion, it is probably 2 ribs/pax. 2. Overpriced. We paid probably 18,000₩/pax for the baby portion.

I'd still recommend if you have a small appetite or if you're feeling rich because their ribs are undeniably good. However, it is really impossible for a poor student like me to frequent because the price could get me a really fantastic bbq dinner, an iced latte and Korea's expensive chocolate churros. It is definitely a better deal than 2 pieces of ribs.

love, bella